Catalog Designs

Graphic Desing | 2019~2022

This catalog is designed for a German-based company specializing in shower systems production, known as Gruen. The catalog comprises 108 pages showcasing a wide range of products, including shower drains, shower accessories, profiles, and prefabricated substrate solutions. I have personally created all the product renders and page layouts. For further reference, you can visit the Gruen Bausysteme website. .
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Cycles Render

This catalog presents the design work for Gürsan Alüminyum, a Turkey-based company specializing in balcony balustrade systems. Specifically, it focuses on the Flora balustrade system, which was a new addition to the company's product lineup when this catalog was created in 2019. I personally crafted all product renders and page layouts for this catalog.
For more information, you can visit Gürsan Alüminyum's website..
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Blender View