Tileable Shower Tray
with Linear and Floor Drains

Product Design | 2021

This is a project designed for Gruen Systems, featuring a self-sloping tileable ready-made shower floor. The purpose of the project is to minimize the complexity and time consumption associated with providing slopes to shower floors and to reduce the risk of leaks. Particularly, the high labor costs and the risks posed by installer errors are always focal points for improvement in the construction industry. Developed in line with these objectives, this product is compatible with both point drains and linear shower drains. Thanks to its 2-degree slope towards the drainage outlet, the direction of water flow is automatically established. Its smart installation components ensure excellent compatibility with almost all types of plumbing systems. Being cuttable, it can be applied to almost any wet area. However, its integrated waterproof membrane remains unaffected by the cutting process, ensuring the integrity of the insulation element and guaranteeing uninterrupted waterproofing. Due to its wider waterproof membrane compared to traditional methods, it also extends upward towards the walls, significantly reducing the application time. It allows for time savings that enable the completion of ceramic tile installation on the same day in all areas of use. The adjustability of the shower channel and point drains based on the ceramic tile thickness makes it easily adaptable to various thicknesses. This design, recognized with the 2022 Good Design Award, is currently actively sold within the Gruen Systems GmbH portfolio.

Floor Drain Alternative