Tileable Shower Tray With Linear and Floor Drains

This tileable shower tray from GRUEN is a sloping board with a shower drain and sealing membrane for creating level showers. The surface of the substrate is inclined towards the drain with a slope of ≥2°. It is compatible with the GRUEN linear drainage system, which is included in the set. The shower tray is consistently designed to be very easy, fast, and safe to install: it can be cut comfortably and precisely to the required size based on the applied grid pattern. Thanks to its intelligent components, it can easily compensate for height differences and be securely attached to almost all drainage systems. The sealing membrane is securely connected with a closure ring. It hangs over the sides and already creates a secure seal up to the wall area without any piecing. The adjustable screw ring serves to adapt to tile pattern and height. The Nova cover has a closed stainless steel surface. When used upside down, it can be tiled and visually disappears into the tile surface. With the tileable shower tray with point drainage from GRUEN, you can create perfect and beautiful shower areas.

Tray's sealing membrane is bigger than every edges.

Comfortably Cuttable

Floor Drains Alternative

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